Services & Pricing

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We design your site according to your needs.

Basic web page: 

*ballpark Pricing ($500-$1000)

A basic page consists of information and images pertaining to your goods or services. This site will include 1- 3 pages of content you need in order to explain your business, what you offer, pricing and contact info. We also include any contact forms you may want to add, social media feeds and a fully functional blog. This option is perfect for artist portfolio sites, doctors offices, law firms, various private practices, instructors of private lessons and to showcase freelance services.

Detailed Website:

*ballpark Pricing ($1500-$2000)

We offer fully customize-able websites that can cater specifically to your business needs. We can add various components such as options to book appointments, advanced tracking features, customer sign-ups, unlimited web pages and much more depending on your needs. We will make available our photography and graphic design services in order to make your site and branding exactly as you want it. We'll set you up with custom email addresses from your domain and set up your Google Suite account so you have access to Google Drive and other features available for advanced website tracking.

E-Commerce WebStore:

*Pricing depends on amount of products & features needed.

Selling your products online is the ultimate advantage over your competitors. If you are new to e-commerce or need a revamp of your current store layout, we can help! We're familiar with all the major shopping cart solutions and will design and update your shop. This includes uploading product inventory, images and entering details for each item. We'll design your store's visual layout and walk you through all of the features. Your shop will be connected to a payment gateway so you can easily accept payment online and receive it directly in your bank account. 

Web marketing web marketing.jpg

The 3 key areas we use to market your business:

1.)  Google and Search Engine Optimization:

This is otherwise known as SEO. It shouldn't be a mystery on how to get better search engine rankings. We believe in transparency and will tell you what we do in order to get your site ranking higher. We'll make sure your site has relevant content and includes keywords that relate to your business.

We also use Google Analytics to track every inch of your new website. For example, we can track demographics such as age, gender, location, web browser used, and how much time was spent on your website. We can also track whether anything was purchased and how the client arrived at your site in the first place! 

This info is extremely useful in finding out if your product is popular with people and places you would never have imagined! We'll be able to tell you insightful details and specific findings so you can make better business decisions moving forward. 


2.)  Social Media:

We sign you up for social media accounts that pertain to your audience. If you don't know what social media is, think Facebook. If you don't know what Facebook is, that's okay...we will handle it.

We'll make sure relevant and engaging content is posted every day, week or month depending on your requirements. We 'Comment' and 'Like' pictures and re-post from fans of your business. We can answer or forward questions from social media directly to you. The only real way to gain more meaningful followers is to engage with your audience and seek out people showing interest in your industry. We're here to do that for you so you can focus on running your business. 

3.)  Email Marketing:

We basically send emails for you! Email marketing is essentially those emails you get from companies telling you their online shop is now 25% off! - Yes, we make those types of emails but ours look great and will increase your website traffic! Once again, this is something we will discuss with you as far as design, layout, promotions and frequency. We want you to be happy with the emails that are going out on behalf of your business! We also create mailing lists for you and keep a database of the customers that have signed up to your mailing list. Sure, you may be already doing this yourself, but we're here to go over any highlights with you so you don't have to waste vaulable time trudging through all the stats.

Monthly Retainer for Web Marketing:

$1500 per month for standard services above

Our marketing services are offered as an extension of our web design service. We require a monthly retainer to continuously track your website data and use the information to effectively market your business and target customers. 

We'll advertise within your budget!

An extremely beneficial aspect of web marketing is to have paid advertising on search engines and social media sites. Our goal is to make sure you get a return on your investment. Here's a breakdown of the types of advertising we provide:

Search Engine & Display Network PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising:

*Pricing for advertising is based on clients budget

You may have heard of this before, PPC is when you pay to have ads show up on Google or Bing and other search engines by choosing keywords associated with your business. 

You would place a "bid" (dollar amount) on the keyword. This is the amount you are willing to spend to gain a customer. Your ad shows based on how much money you've decided to bid when the person who is searching clicks on your ad. This depends on many other factors including quality of the ad and landing page on which the ad sends the potential customer. You don't pay anything unless someone actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website. 

This is currently how most companies are spending their advertising dollars. You can quickly improve the visibility of your product or service by putting your marketing budget towards PPC advertising on major search engines. We also use Pay-Per-Impression and other methods depending on what will work best for your business. We are certified by Google in Search & Display advertising and use our knowledge and experience to guide our advertising decisions. 

Combined with tracking data from people who visit your site, we are also able to see who came to your website directly from one of your PPC ads. All of the numbers are broken down and we'll be combing through the data to find the best ways to advertise for you. We will also make sure you only bid on keywords for ads that target people searching in your area, this way your ad doesn't show up to someone outside of your selling region.

There are hundreds of other details to consider when running a Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign in order to get the most out of your investment. We are happy to manage these types of campaigns for you and can explain our methods, but we much rather show you in revenue and customers gained!

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram:

If you've ever used Facebook, you'll notice that there are 'sponsored' posts that show up on your feed. These are paid advertisements. We can target a particular demographic or special interest and advertise specifically to certain individuals that have shown interest in your type of business or services. The same goes for Instagram, ads will show up as 'sponsored' posts on a users feed. This type of advertising is great for e-commerce stores by driving traffic that may lead to sales on your website. 

Ad Re-Targeting:

This is a very important aspect of advertising on the web. Ad Re-Targeting is when you've went to a website and clicked through a few products, but decided you weren't ready to buy at that moment. If ad re-targeting is set up on your website, customers will then see ads on other websites for the products that they've looked at on your website. This serves as a reminder to customers that your website sells the products they were looking for and reminds them to come back to purchase them.